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It’s been a long time since my last update.

I'm currently enjoying my last few days before kicking off a new chapter in my professional career. That’s why I thought this moment could be an excellent opportunity to stop feeling rusty when it comes to digital tools such as for instance Figma (🤯 Smart Animate) . Over the last years, I’ve been diving into Google Spreadsheets, Miro, and Keynote most of the time.

While keeping this goal in mind of getting rid of my rustiness, I've decided to spend some time looking for good visuals which I'll be using as a blueprint to do UI exercises and share some things that have been keeping me busy. In this case, this shot was the reference.

For over the last 6 years, my main duties took me out of my comfort zone. I had to learn a lot about retail and product design and leading an incredible team of great people: 3D designers, illustrators… What a journey!

The VIP Collection: over 16 different styles of elegant sunglasses with a distinctive contemporary twist, a combination of acetate and stainless steel frames.

The product design team's main tasks are:

* Research of product and packaging design

* Development of tech packs and product specs

Kudos to all the people at Siroko who were involved in the project.

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