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Hey there, good people! I had the chance to help a cool startup called Multiply, and design them a new website alongside a brand identity revamp.

What is Multiply?

Multiply multiplies sales and revenues by monitoring competitors, adjusts prices, and maximizes revenues—on autopilot.

What was the problem?

The current (now old) website did not fully appeal to the customer‘s needs and was not properly positioned to clearly explain what Multiply does, and how. My role was to design a new logo and identity for the company, as well as apply that new design style with a brand new website look.

How did it turned out?

Multiply now has a much cleaner website that is easier to read and be understood by prospective customers. The vast amount of features and pricing options are explained in a straightforward way, without beating around the bush. This, in combination with the uber-simple logomark, increased customer trust in the company, which invariably increased sales.

Services provided

❋ Visual identity

❋ Website design

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