Dribbble API


My weblog is fully coded by me, including the CMS which runs it. Been working a little on updating the code. My initial task with this new wave of changes was to get rid of any uses of Flickr because they've turned into a bunch of dicks. I originally used it for large photos I linked from my posts there, and for thumbnails in the footer of my recent uploads. I've never been too much of a photographer, and Dribbble has an API, so why not?

I haven't quite gotten it to thumbnail them intelligently, but I'm getting there. I'd much prefer keeping them in their 4/3 ratio, but I'm too lazy to rewrite the code that was already there for Flickr right now. It's easier to just crop the images. Perhaps after this I'll get off my butt and start working on that redesign I've had in my head for oh... 2 years now?


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