Mexican Desert

I am extremely happy to launch my new project for Netflix. It is a series of 3 illustrations created for the Netflix Production Academy Home Page. My task was to capture the essence of Production Academy teaching new filmmakers the craft of movie-making. Was thrilled to dive into it as I can play to my strengths and can do what I love to do the most- Landscapes. Furthermore, I had to introduce a small team of stationary filmmakers in the same position for different frames. Check out the full project in Behance

Mexican Desert


The main challenge is to capture the mood. The Mexican desert is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. We tried to illustrate the most detailed elements and this is my personal favourite too. Lighting ,colour tonality, the dimensions of different elements and props were challenging and very important to set the right mood to the illustration.


Client: Netflix

Agency: The Workshop, NY

Art Director: Curt Middleton, Chief Creative Officer

Business and Creative Partner: Anand Peter

Associate Illustrator: Jinu K S

Illustration: Febin Raj

Febin Raj
Illustrator đź“©

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