Your upcoming bills in list, chart and calendar format

A lot of people discover Simplifi when they start asking, "How do I track my income?" or "How do I track my expenses?"

Simplifi does both of those things—and does them extremely well—but the full power of Simplifi as a personal finance tracker app comes from showing you how those cash flows work together.

That’s because knowing what you’re bringing in and what you’re spending every month is only half the story. The other half is knowing when those paychecks and bills will hit your bank account, so you always know how much you can really spend.

By keeping track of all your cash flows, Simplifi helps you make sure you have enough in the bank to cover those large bills without overdrafting your account. It can also help you decide whether to pay more or less on that credit card balance—and when to add more to your savings—so you can do more with your money.

Take control of your finance.

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