Need some padding? I got something for you.

Introducing The Shop's latest: the foam textures. It's an utilitarian set. It includes twenty (20) textures of high density packing foam. The textures were captured at 800 ppi, for the highest amount of details possible. Not each section of foam is perfect (warp, pressure differences, etc.), which results in interesting variations.

The set includes multiple declination: color, black and white, high contrast versions, negative, and negative high contrast. This provides you with a high degree of flexibility when using them.

The assets can be used as themselves (background elements), or in masks, or, for very exotic results, with blending modes. You can effortlessly add substance to flat areas of color, or play off the organic cell-like appearance of the material when masking design elements. It can evoke alien landscapes, organic gooey stuff, and more.


- Twenty (20) base textures

- Between 7,711x5896px and 9,797x5922px @ 800 ppi

- Lots of alternative versions: color, black and white, high contrast, etc.


You should purchase the foam textures from Creative Market now.


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Posted on Feb 18, 2022
Simon Birky Hartmann
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