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Timbre (by Seatwave) - Concert Listing

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I ended up on this design that was based off of my stage-lighting background, with days of the week represented by a specific overlay color (cue from lighting gel). As the user scrolled through the days of the week, the concert backgrounds would change by color and then by photograph as a new day's listings appeared.

Animation was a big part of this initial iteration as well. @Matt Bridges and I came up with a scrolling "zipper" animation of the Seatwave concert listings that we felt provided much delight to Timbre users, especially when juxtaposed with the randomly staggered concert cells. You can check out Matt's sweet animation here:


Timbre - by Seatwave was featured on the UK app store under 'Best New Apps' in July, and is featured as the number 4 'New and Noteworthy' app in the music section in over 100 countries this week.

Currently, concert listings are only for the UK, but you can check out London shows by downloading the app here:

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