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I'm very happy and proud to finally show you the result of our work with Pallet, a hiring platform founded in 2020, that is building a new paradigm in the hiring ecosystem. Their idea is that the best people are not browsing jobs on LinkedIn, but spending time in niche communities of qualified experts.

After raising 7 million in funding over 2 rounds, Kai Han, CEO & Co-Founder of Pallet, got in touch with us to design Pallet branding and platform. He wanted work to look dynamic, inspiring, and positive. Together we designed an approachable tool for a youthful audience.

Regarding the dashboard, I worked on a ‘spotifyed’ version for job seekers, networkers, advisors, and administrators, creating a digital product to boost Talent Collectives, which are “collections of professionals curated by a specific person, group, or entity.”

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