Kiné Lab Visual Identity ⛰️

Our B2B Marketing team launched the new co-building program made for the Physios' community, called Kiné Lab. A singular and new type of approach at Doctolib.

As it is very specific (unique target and community aspect), we decided to work on a singular visual identity, that could fit and be consistent with the Doctolib one.

The logo is based on 2 existing elements: the Doctolab logo (evoking the co-building aspect of the program) and the Pioneers logo (evoking a community, a specific one).

And to support all the communications around, we created specific illustrations showing a notion of exploration, as a group, with a common goal. We decided to create a version of the illustration for each season, to support the program all along the year.

Thanks to @CharlottePillet and @GaranceBigot 🔥

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