Sketch & Swift Workshops

Excited to launch the Sketch & Swift Workshops site!

I'm currently in Paris and took quite a few shots of the Eiffel tower, Louvre and the places I'm staying. I wanted to give the site a little story about my travels. Hope you like it!

Some fun things I did while coding:
- shape-outline in CSS makes the text follow the shape of the iPhone.
- Everything is done in Retina – I've just upgraded. Now, I can't go back to looking at a regular screen. :/
- Making the video fit in the laptop at different resolutions is a pain in the ass.

After many months of planning, a giant Google Doc, and a book written over a period of 6 months, I'm really excited to bring this project to life. Suffice to say that organizing all of this by myself wasn't an easy task. It required more than designing stuff on my computer; I had to work with a ton of feedback, know all the best flights, hotels, networks in each city, etc. But it's a project dear to my heart.

I am currently in a very unique situation which allows me to travel to any city (thanks to the success of the book) and help designers that are located outside SF. Many have expressed the need to have great designer meetups/workshops in their cities, which are often far from Sillicon Valley.

A lot of designers, like me, struggle with being unable to work in the US. So with this, I hope that I can bring some of my experience to them in person.


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Posted on Sep 25, 2014
Meng To
I teach designers code and coders design.

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