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Hey everyone, and here's some breaking news!

I left Heartbeat. Lovely team, great talents, and simply good friends. I warmly wish the best of luck to every team member there. Looking back at these 7 years working together, it doesn't feel like a wasted journey, but a great one that brought me here today.

I keep on going with my daily work, inspire my audience and create meaningful experiences for clients. 

And here goes the second piece of news. I've relaunched my website to set a vision that reflects my activity as of today. A few slides in this post will help with conveying my message 🙂

BTW I’ve built it on Nuxt.js, and it's a super nice framework! But please, NO dev inquiries, it's just my hobby 🙂 / Instagram

Vladimir Gruev
A digital designer🇺🇦 that's keen on simplicity✌︎

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