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Translation of the Tanakh is a special project dedicated to the translation of the Hebrew Bible into Russian. 

The main task our team had to solve was to make a user-friendly site for searching and reading books.

The site is rather simple, stylish and accurate with a unique approach to book reading. We have a particular love for typography and its interesting layout in the grid.

We thought of a quick menu: thanks to its structure, you can go to the desired book in a few clicks. 

We designed 3 realistic templates for books with their own color palette, creating the image of real books. We added convenient table of contents, quick transition to other chapters, the ability to listen to audio materials (we developed our own audio player), as well as to download pdf-versions of chapters. To make the content easier to understand for the user, there is a function of built-in comments from the authors of the site, where you can insert additional information.

For a quick search of articles, there is a handy filter, thanks to which you can select certain articles (there are 700+ articles on the site).

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