Furniture app (A very Simple Experience for the user)

Furniture App (A very Simple Experience for the users)


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Are you looking for home decor inspiration? Professional decorators that have home decor or furniture stores can help you! They often show how to decorate your home. We designed a concept of a mobile app for such a store.

The shot shows two screens. The left one is a home page with the catalog showing the available pieces of furniture, and the other screen is a decor idea with the links to items you can shop.

We used a contrast red and green color scheme because this color combination matches the brand aesthetic but is subtle enough to put the main focus on the items and not on the interface elements.

This app aspires to be more than just a furniture store but a source of your home decor inspiration by offering professionally designed interior photos with an option to buy the items you like and recreate this design idea on your own.

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