Budget Tracker App

Hi Guys! 🏀

Have a problem with saving up for upcoming significant live events? Meet my new app concept that will help track down all your spending.

This shot shows three screens:

1. Onboarding page that introduces users to all the main app functions,

2. Home page with daily income, all credit cards and your spending divided by categories.

3. The third screen displays details about specific credit card, card limit and settings.

Keeping the background light and neutral, I used bluish gray as the main accent because blue are usually associated with trust and grey with balance. I put up an illustration of a template flowing through the screen, suggesting money income .

A stylish and minimalistic interface will provide users with a pleasant experience of managing their expenses and income. This app is aimed at helping users to find their spending patterns, reallocate their budgets, and set new saving goals.

Hope you like the Idea! Cheers for checking out.

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