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This supercharged 🚀📊⛓💵 rocket we just added to our arsenal — Tiger.Trade Copy, a nifty and powerful iOS/Android app for copytrading. It provides everyone with an opportunity to earn more aggressively on crypto trading — hassle-free, w/o much setup, pretty much on autopilot.

Take a sneak peek at the app; it's going into closed β testing with live users as we speak. Our Design Dept developed and implemented the entire  UX/UI of the mobile app, promo site, desktop web version, video teaser — plus closely collaborated with marketing folks on the creative concept for the full-length video ad.

A quick shoutout to our Design Dept members who contributed to the gorgeous looks and smooth customer journeys in the Tiger.Trade Copy app: Vladislav Kovalev and Peter Filatov, who worked on the UX prototyping, RUSLAN KULIKOV, who produced the UI design for both iOS and Android. And yours truly,

Lev Kantor, who copywrites in the app and under all our Dribbble posts.

Wanna join our badass team? Send your CV directly to our recruiter: karina.leiko@tiger.trade

Stellar design, badass approach — creative AF 🍒

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