PHX → MKE via an Orange


In January of 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona I fell out of an orange tree and tore my spleen. Little did I know that this event would set off a chain reaction that would land me in Southeastern Wisconsin, married, and the happiest I have ever been.

I don't remember much while deliriously trying to recover in the hospital. At 12 years young, such an event was traumatic with the convulsions, passing out, endless blood tests, and threat of surgery. This event transformed me from a very reserved little boy into someone full of life and vigor.

In a nutshell, I fell in love with music during high school (something I never would have dared to pursue before), which led me to college in Minnesota to study to be a high school music educator. I ended up not finishing that career path but I did end up meeting my future wife, who was from Wisconsin. Two years later we were married. I've never shared such an unconditional love with someone else before. It is an incredible support system I have in her.

Looking back on that event, it is truly amazing to see the dots that Jesus connected in my life. Every day I am blown away at just how everything has worked out to His will and how blessed my life is.

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