The Walk

The walk

When I was 15 I dropped out of high school and flew across the country to "make it in music". I spent time living on the streets, jumping from house to house, playing small acoustic shows, and getting into trouble.

I spent my 16th birthday in Toronto. Shortly after that I was arrested in stolen car and spent a few weeks in juvenile detention...until my mom came and bailed me out and brought me back home to Calgary.

I was back home, but was still getting into all sorts of trouble. I was arrested several more time for everything from mischief to theft. I was ordered to do 50 hours of community service for one of my misdemeanors. That's when I made the walk that changed my life.

I walked 2 blocks down the road to a church I had passed a million times. I asked one of the pastors if I "serve my time" doing work for them. He agreed. But more than that, he committed to me. He loved me and showed me more grace that I had ever been shown before.

During the course of the months I was working my community service he shared the gospel in ways that made sense to me. Not pushy, just a real man telling it to me straight. I accepted Christ at 16 and my life has never been the same.

As a result of that walk I was eternally changed. And because of that every member of my family came to know Christ.

Biggest landmark ever. Nothing in my life can top it.

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