happy 4th year anniversary to us 🥳✨

A very Happy Birthday to our beloved Brucira. Our company was registered on June 26th 2018 however we celebrate 22nd Jan as our Birthday because of a very special reason.... We announced our name on this day.✌️

We made the decision of starting up in Nov 2017 but wasn't sure whether we would be able to create something impactful or not. Since we didn't have any savings, we decided not to hire any employee till the time we make enough cash so can ensure the financial security of any new member.

For the first 3 months all we were doing was refining our previous freelance work, making new concept illustrations and posting them on Dribbble every single day. It was really a tough time since we didn't even knew that we will be getting clients or not. Slowly people started recognising our Hard work and started giving us small projects. We even worked for free for few clients so we can add them up to our portfolio. Soon things started getting better and started getting more and more work.✨

The only thing we kept in mind was that we should never compromise with Quality. We saw a lot of agencies started great but ended up creating similar standard designs with 100s of employees on board. We wanted to create an impact so Big business was never a priority. Till December 2018 just two of us worked on nearly 30 projects and saved sufficient money to give salaries would be able to give basic salary then hired our first employee. This didn't just taught us how to do proper planning but also made us aware of our responsibilities towards our team members.✨

We are now a team of 30+ amazing designers, developers, marketers and are growing stronger and stronger every year. I can't be more proud to say that these were my best 4 years which improved me just not as a designer but also as a person. Thanks a lot everyone at Brucira for making this milestone achievable and all our clients who trusted us despite of knowing that we are a very small agency.Again Wish you a Very Happy Birthday Brucira.❤️🥳

Siddhita upare
I design things for people and illustrate their stories.

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