PlayVS: Product overview

Hey Dribbble, Excited to be sharing the work MetaLab did with the team at PlayVS. 

As the foundation of the fastest-growing high school sport in America, PlayVs provides a platform for esports players and coaches to connect and compete. 

We worked with them to redesign the Coach and Player experience from the ground up with one goal: make it impossibly easy for any school to get in the game.

Where it comes to design, we wanted to break away from the industry norm and lean into a cleaner, more accessible interface. 

Shoutout to the rest of the MetaLab team - Mike Walker, Tom Charlet, Adrien Joulie, Mike Wandelmaier, Jesse Herlitz, Konstantin Sokhan, Geordie MacDonald, Jesse Sims & Saransh Sinha who all played a part in this project!

Head over to PlayVS to see more.

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