Groovy Bot Logo Redesign

Working closely with the creator of Groovy Bot, I was tasked with modernizing the look and feel of the bot, as well as redesigning it to fit more comfortably in/be more recognizable in the small confines of the Discord app. This redesign also needed to accommodate for different variations of the central design as there were 3 versions of Groovy Bot with plans to add 2 more. A new logo and accompanying wordmark was designed and signed off on, along with a beta version, developer specific test versions, and a new set of pattern elements, but unfortunately before it could be launched the Groovy Bot service was issued a cease and desist from YouTube. Talk about bad timing! RIP Groovy 🙏

If you're interested in seeing the full case study, along with other unused versions, you can find it at

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Posted on Jan 19, 2022
Dustin Matos
A Digital Designer trying to switch to decaf. Hopefully.

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