The Client

Orchid aim is to slash incidence rates of disease in the next generation. We detect risk at the earliest stages, and give couples the ability to tilt the odds toward extending their children's healthspan - the number of years of life uninterrupted by disease.

The Challenge

To attract high income individuals, which were the company’s prefered early adopters Orchid had to feel fresh, modern and with impeccable UX.

The Solution

We defined a sophisticated but approachable brand that evoked the gentle feeling of warmth. When creating Orchid’s landing page, we focused on helping people understand the complex science behind the product rather than rushing to sell it to them right away. We have also put emphasis on company’s mission and it’s motivations to improve people’s life as it’s important part of the offering. Designed as an evolving Design System in Figma, using components library and styles for consistency and easy scaling / maintenance.

Photos - Nicole Mason


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