Process Automation for Barry Callebaut

Workarounds add up and eat away valuable time, no matter how small the initial effort. Plus, such workarounds are usually not abandoned quickly but often become habits. All the more exciting is the fact that Barry Callebaut's HR team reached out to us as they noticed how repetitive tasks carved out substantial chunks of their time.

The team at Barry Callebaut identified the on- and offboarding of employees as the most time-consuming processes and asked us for help. We developed “pThings” for this matter, automatically informing relevant stakeholders about status updates, to-dos, and crucial reminders such as probation period endings. Thanks to “pThings”, the HR team can track multiple processes in parallel without breaking a sweat, giving them valuable time back for non-trivial and value-adding activities.

"pThings" also plays nicely with SAP SuccessFactors by feeding it with master data from the onboarding process. In agreement with Barry Callebaut, we took the necessary steps to white-label this solution to other companies.

Posted on Jan 18, 2022
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