ENYO Upcoming NFT Project

A huge burst of light and a ripple of dust expanded in a circle around a new ball of mass spinning in Saturn’s orbit. This is planet Enyo. Willed into existence by its population, the Enyoians; Beings of pure energy that travel through solar systems in search of their home. However their travel comes at a cost, they must stop every so often to rest, nourish and socialize. They call this The Respite.

The Respite brings with it its own dangers as well; rogue energy left over from the formation of the planet and its inhabitants has no conduit and will form great beasts that must be purged every month before they consume the planet. This energy is then dispersed between all inhabitants equally. Each Enyoian tribe comes together to battle these beasts. At least 50% of the total population is required or the beast will consume the energy.

Energy is wealth on Enyo and using energy has many benefits. Not all energy is the same.

When a Respite is over and Enyoians are recharged and rested, they turn back into pure energy and continue traveling. For some reason this Respite hasn’t ended…

Posted on Jan 17, 2022

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