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Hey Dribbblers! 👋

It's about an app called PickAnAnt. On this project i wanted to look what if i would do a complete Rebranding on this mobile app and the Website. How would it look like? Here are some concepts for the mobile app search site. You can also see a new Logo and Name for this (just to make everything new). About the app there is a really cool idea behind it, you can add a project something like "Put my ikea kitchen together" and other people can send you an offer on that to help you.

You can find PickAnAnt here: https://pickanant.de/

And i have used the Localy Maps from Piqo, really nice package! Icons are from Iconly also made by Piqo. You can find it here: https://piqodesign.gumroad.com/

Would be happy to hear some feedback from you! 😊

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Eduard Bodak
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