PSA — Designing Memorials

I wanted to share this "project" as a way of encouraging other designers to help with the design of memorials if and when they are presented with the opportunity. This past year, I took on the challenge of designing a headstone for my grandparents, both of whom were amazing people that I deeply admired and loved.

As designers, we typically shy away from doing projects for friends and family, especially when there's no compensation, but I can now personally attest that this was a deeply moving experience. By taking the lead on this process, you'll free up time and energy for friends and family who are grieving, while helping to create something with deep and lasting value.

I've attached detailed images of the design files I prepared for the funeral home, which included custom vector illustrations of Calla Lilies and typography set in Feijoa from Klim Type Foundry.

Posted on Jan 19, 2022

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