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Over the weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the Into Design Systems Hackathon hosted by Silvia Bormüller and Thaís Santos, and that was one hell of an experience I'll always be grateful for. It was fascinating how much cool stuff and ideas people actually came up with and built in a 24 hour time frame (in different timezones) which goes to say anything is possible when you're surrounded by like-minded, talented and hard-working people; I was blessed to have amazing teammates.

Our solution was primarily focused on startups that didn't have enough resources nor time to build an entire design system. Using the power of AI technology, our tool would give them the option of either building from scratch (by defining the rules by which the various components would be generated from) or scan an existing design file (picking out colours, typefaces, elements, etc...), which then will be organised into a design system whiles giving recommendations to make it better.

Thankful for my teammates: Lennert Böhmer, Michelle Lock, Soulaimane Monadile, Isabel Häfner, Sandra Zwieg, Ivona Rieger, Tzu-Hsin (Kelsy) Chou. Super Proud of each and every one of you!


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The Landing Page above was inspired by the project.

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