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My new blog / magazine is online! CHECK IT OUT ( :-)

Like @Cosmin Negoitam mentionned, it’s more a magazine then a blog because it wanted to centralize all my web content. The index view is a mix of my blog posts, Dribbble shots, Instagram shots & tweets.

I played with CSS transitions & transformations for the different hover effects per data type.

For the coders amongst us:
I took the opportunity to try out Jekyll for building my new blog (the previous one was built with WordPress). A little bit of tweaking was needed to make the index page as desired but I’m glad about the final result.

I made different Jekyll generators for exporting my tweets, Dribbble shots & Instagram pics to JSON. The API requests are only made once for better performance.

The grid is built with the great Packery plugin and I used Gulp for optimising my workflow.

Feedback is very welcome!

Posted on Sep 13, 2014
Benoît Boucart
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