How to Enable DApp Browser on Android or iPhone/IOS?

What is a Trust wallet and DApp Browser?

In simple words, the Trust wallet is known for providing services like receiving, storing, and managing cryptocurrencies on your devices.

And DApp browser is a browser that functions as a window to access, visit and navigate all decentralized apps on your carrier.


If you turn on the App browser on your device you will be able to add and access different Dapps which will allow you tremendous benefits directly in your account. 

Can I Trust the Trust Wallet?

We have an answer to this query of yours. Yes, indeed your Assets are all safe and secure. Trust wallet is merely a management tool that assists in managing your assets and it doesn't keep or earn anything from you.

Now, you must have been wondering how to enable trust browsers on your devices? To answer that question of yours we have made a separate guide on how Do I get DApps on my trust wallet.

Steps for Android users to Enable the DApp Browser.

1. Install the " Trust" app from the play store.

2. Start the Trust app and head to the settings on the bottom Navigation bar.

3. The next step is to look for a preference option.

4. Now you have to select and turn on or trust browser enable.

5. By following these steps you can enable the Trust browser on your android and it becomes a matter of time.

Steps to Install DApp Browser on iPhone/ios

1. IOS users have to turn on the App browser on their devices such as Safari.

2. Now we are providing a text that you have to paste in your browser's URL section. trust://browser_enable‘ 

3. After that, you will have a pop notification on your screen with the message "open this page in trust".

4. Then, hit on " OPEN" to move to the next step.

5. Lastly, choose the App you want to combine with Trust.

The above steps will end your quest of "how to enable Trust wallet on iPhone

Important Note 

IOS has been seen removing Apps from its devices as it found Apps against their policy and terms. IOS is well known for its higher level of security and that's why it restricts its users to use Apps on IOS devices.

Because of this Trust halted its services for IOS devices so that they could still be on the app store.

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