Apple Watch and Moto 360 Sketch Template v1.1

The real specs for the Apple Watch have been released:
38 mm: 136 × 170 pt @2x (272 × 340 px)
42 mm: 156 × 195 pt @2x (312 × 390 px)

In practice there's more black border. So you can still use the template – the sizing is proportional – but be aware of the new frame size. ;)

I wanted to have at hand for some mockups a template that could be as pixel-precise as possible with what we know up until now. So, here's a Sketch Template with side-by-side Apple Watch (iOS) and Moto 360 (Android Wear) that is as close as possible to the real screen.

Apple Watch (estimated)
• 42mm height × 36mm width
• ~190 × 236 pt screen

Moto 360
• 46mm diameter
• 320 × 290 pt screen #

Sketch template attached.

Thanks to Fabio ↬ for the support and to Matteo for the help on sizes.
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Posted on Sep 12, 2014
Erin 'Folletto' Casali
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