All Grown Up

You ever feel like you’re just running around your silly little life doing all your silly little tasks when your bed is just sitting there waiting for you to take a nap? Get a prescription filled, stop in a grocery store, remember to buy paper towels, and on and on. I’m basically just a glorified Tamagotchi anyway. Someone else can take a turn pressing the buttons for a bit.

This one took me a few months! Animating in 3D was new for me and landing on the visual style was a struggle. Tamagotchis are just too cute and I could not for the life of me make it fit with the rest of the series’ aesthetics. Finally settled on some grunge pixel art.

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Typefaces are xe Dogma by xenophilius (I think? Hard to track down the creator's name) and Hydrophilia Iced by Felix Braden.

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Michael Crawford
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