Klarna, a buy now / pay later service for online shopping, where I worked as a Product Designer in the Personal Finance and Onboarding teams.

My work with Klarnas onboarding included identifying bottlenecks in the flow in different markets (which had many different login methods) and optimizing accordingly. This was especially relevant in markets like Germany, where BankID doesn't exist. User analytics in combination with customer support were great resources in this work. Also important in the onboarding work was introducing new users to the app without being too intrusive. (See pic. 1 and 2 for examples).

Personal finance included working with recurring costs and large purchases. Maybe you need to cut back on Netflix next month, or split the cost of that new computer you bought? The challenge here was identifying these purchases and presenting them in an understandable and actionable way. (See pic. 3 for examples).

In working with both these teams, Klarna's design system was a huge asset and source of learning for me. It grew my interest in design systems and the insights I've gained have been useful to this day. (See pic. 4 and 5 for examples).

Check out Klarna here.

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Posted on Jan 4, 2022

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