2020/21 project with Avy, an app that helps real estate owners and tenants manage their housing needs digitally. This includes paying rent, booking laundry room, home insurance, help with moving in, services, repairs, etc.

During my time there I worked on their design system, making it adaptable to the different real estate companies branding (which was an important part of their business). I also worked on updating the rent payment flow, as well as the new feature "product catalogue" (where tenants can order services/repairs/improvements to their apartment). See examples in the screenshots attached.

A fun and challenging project, and a product that is a great breath of digital fresh air in the world of real estate. 

You can read more about Avy here and check the app out on App Store here (can however only log in and use the app if you are a tenant in a building integrated with Avy). 

Posted on Jan 4, 2022

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