Apple Watch Shares

I took the liberty to use Sam Soffes' beautiful application Shares 2 (which I use a ton) in order to get my hands dirty on a new device, screen size and gestures, which is really exciting.

A little bit about the interactions of the application:

Side-swipes are going to bring you to the total gain, and total value views just like on the iPhone.

The crown is going to be used to navigate through your portfolio. If you rotate the digital crown, the different portfolio cards will slide up and down. Little insight here behind my thinking: In the first place, I had full-screen cards for the single positions in your portfolio. I found this to be a better solution, since the next position below encourages you to use the digital crown to move down.

A light tap is going to change the percentage values to dollar values.

A deep press is going to enter the position itself, and will give you more information on a single stock.

Last but not least, the title in the header will change as you change the views by side-swiping to "Total" and "Value", just like in the iOS application.

That's it. My first impression is, that solving problems on even smaller screens is challenging, but very rewarding.

Go give Sam a follow and download Shares 2, if you own stock, it is a very solid tool to keep track of what your portfolio is doing.

Don't forget to check out the @2x.

Posted on Sep 10, 2014

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