Lubrication maintenance

60 to 80 percent of all bearing failures (catastrophic, functional and premature) are lubrication-related: whether it’s poor lubricant selection, poor application, lubricant contamination or lubricant degradation.

With our ultrasound instruments we can help you identify lubrication starvation and prevent over lubrication by Lubrication maintenance technique.

What if we could monitor the condition of the machine on a regular schedule without stopping the machine?

The advantages of regular condition monitoring are:

  • Reduction of the Duration of Scheduled Maintenance: As the condition of the machine will be known well before the machine is stopped for maintenance, lesser time can be spent in visually inspecting components.

  • Reduction in the number of Unplanned Stops: Regular condition monitoring will reduce the number of unplanned stops as the condition and life of the various components can be predicted and a plan can be put in place to replace or repair them.

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