The Heritage Museum Landing Page Animation

At Zajno we often like to take a single subject and then view it through multiple different lenses. This is just what we did with the wonderful heritage museum in the city of Osh, which we sought, through the pages we created, to present from a range of angles.   

We created the website with simple purpose: to present all the information that a visitor needs about the museum, which is embedded in a mountain called Sulayman-Too for countless generations known as a sacred place. Back in the days of the USSR, the Soviet authorities wanted to build a café on the site – but for local people this did no justice to the venerated landmark, and so they successfully fought to instead make the mountain a destination for Muslim and pre-Muslim pilgrimage, complete with a heritage museum.   

I relied on Vlad to create an amazing design for the landing page, feeling confident that the animation would enhance the overall wow-effect and generally set a suitable mood. Moving away from photography’s more typical applications. I chose instead to make use of masks that have an initially asymmetric shape, but then morph into rectangles. 

I used Parallax to allow the large photos to realize their full potential. You can open a photo and rotate it to imitate a panorama – this works via multiple masks and a combination of effects and modifiers in After Effects, and the results are pretty impressive.

I’ve put a lot of work into this, so please drop a like if it’s something you can relate to!

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Posted on Dec 29, 2021

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