Hey Dribbble 🏀, 

Excited to share some of the work we’ve been doing with Genies to help people build their identity in the Metaverse 🪐

The Warehouse is an NFT marketplace where you can purchase unique digital clothing for 3D Genies Avatars. In The Warehouse, you can follow the latest Drops to build your wardrobe with items like masks, shoes, backpacks, and more.

Targeted at the Gen Z masses, most of the items sell for under $20, including their luxury goods from Gucci. 

We helped the Genies team find a reliable balance between a bold visual presence that reflects the Gen Z vibes and a clean approach that let the wearables express their aesthetic in a completely dark and vibrant background.

That balance allowed us to focus on the content and usability, keeping UX patterns solid and cohesive across the experience.

Stay tuned. We’ve got more work with Genies to share in the new year. 

Shout out to the team: Rasmus Anker, Yoann Baunach, Shiera Aryev, Bonga Mene, Vinicius Benvenuti

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