The Network Society logo shows eight pillars of social organization—energy, food, manufacturing, health, learning, finance, trust, and policy—becoming distributed and decentralized. These are organized in a network, rather than hierarchically, influencing and supporting each other’s evolution. Their interdependent nature is illustrated by the interconnecting lines. The outermost enclosing circle represents the inclusive and emancipating power of a new level of social organization.

These values are reflected in the refreshed version of the logo I did above. Taking inspiration from heraldic badges and renaissance line styles and architecture, I blended the existing idea with a new, crisp and modern style that at the same time recalls these humanistic traditions. The use of colors, having the inverted white-on-blue look, evokes a clean and calm look combined with the light of white lines — laser precision.

Read more about the project here:

Posted on Sep 4, 2014
Erin 'Folletto' Casali
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