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3D Printer iconsss

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3D Printer iconsss 3dprinter 3dprinters ultimaker replicator icons animation icon diddly diddly dee 3d printi

First off, I finally graduated a couple of weeks ago! The last 6 months where probably the toughest months in my school career. Trying to switch between client projects and writing my thesis literally consumed all my (personal) time. So after I graduated I took a couple of weeks off to become completely relaxed and regain my energy. Relaxing with close friends, traveling and small changes to my apartment seemed to have done the trick :)

I’ve written my thesis at Unfortunately I didn’t had time to do a lot of design for them except a couple of small iterations here and there. One of the biggest designs I did managed to do were these 3D printer icons for a press release a while back. In order: Ultimaker 2, Makerbot Replicator 2 and the Formlabs Form 1+.

Thought I would share this animation with you guys and to let you know I’m back and on track. Working on a lot of different projects at the moment. Some small and some big. It feels good to be able to work and not to think about school anymore! Also a good feeling to be able to post something on Dribbble! Seems like ages ago! Anyway, wadda ya’ll think?


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