Juni app ─ redesign

Hey! Few components from the latest project

What was the challenge?

Working in a scattered, international design team, we had to build a new design system, and on its basis, we had to create a redesign of the app.

How did we help?

We were responsible for leading the project from the design side. The first thing was to create a flexible design process that allowed us to build a library in a distributed team. We also provided design system mentoring support for the rest of the team members. We created a library which we later developed. The old screens have acquired a new design.

What’s Juni?

Juni is an e-learning platform built to empower kids to discover their best futures by providing expert mentorship, a strong community, and a joyful learning experience. Juni believes that when kids have access to the right kind of support, learning styles, and peer community, it can change lives.


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