Dots 2.0 - Tutorial

Basic Construction: Clone some spheres off of a plane object and make the plane invisible. Parent a displacement deformer under the plane, give it a spherical falloff, a noise shader, and set it's height to ~500cm.

The Lines: Add a mograph tracer object and link it to the cloner with the spheres. Tracing mode = Connect all Objects, Handle Clones = Immediate Clones, Type = Linear, Intermediate Points = Uniform, Number = 10. Now add a sweep nurbs and a circle object. Parent the circle and the tracer objects under the sweep nurbs. Set the circles radius to ~.5cm

Animation: Animate the displacement deformer in and out of the plane on the x-axis, and animate it's strength setting from 0-100% as it moves toward the center of the plane. Then animate the plane objects rotation by 90 degrees.

Celebrate: Drink beer and whiskey while playing Super Meat Boy for 6 hours straight.

Dots2.0 still
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