Tech for Good films

A video series showcasing the work of Zendesk’s Tech for Good partners, a program that offers free software and support to nonprofits that address urgent social problems.

Each film focuses on the work of a different nonprofit, exploring different aspects of their work, their day-to-day impact, and background on the different social problems they tackle.

The series features a rotoscope, paint-over-footage style – creating a coherent visual aesthetic for the series, while also allowing each film to have it’s own unique look within the animation style.

Check it out:

Team Credits: Olivia Kingsley, Elyse Kanagaratnam, and Ariana Blair

Films Directed by: Amar Chebib

Films Produced by: Malcolm Pullinger & Rachel Barth

A co-production by: Even/Odd & Zendesk

Posted on Dec 15, 2021
A blend of art, copy, video, and design.

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