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East Williamsburg Flags

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East Williamsburg Flags flags williamsburg stars east williamsburg designs midcentury illustration

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I saw Zack Davenport tweet about the Uncommon neighborhood flag competition, and wanted to rep my own neighborhood, East Williamsburg.

The neighborhood is a sleepy combination of Puerto Rican and Italian, and a lot of the signage is very mid-century, so I took the colors and logos inspiration from the shops on Graham—that middle one is lifted directly from Cafe Capri.

The flags are all some combination of the Puerto Rican flag (triangle, star, stripes) and Italian (three broad stripes). The big star has fifteen points, in honor of our original ward: 15. And I'm very admiring of Japanese family crests—mons—so you'll see a whiff of that influence as well.

I added in the smaller starfield because my favorite thing about living in this neighborhood is going out into the backyard and being able to see them.

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