Thundra - Movies streaming webapp for couples

The above design is a fake generated for practicing

App Description :

Company Name:


Company Description:

We are a company that researches new ways to watch TV by combining crowd-sourced data with an easy to use interface. Our main product is a device that you can use at home and implements our groundbreaking technology. Our target audience is couples. We want to convey a sense of glamour, while at the same time being business-like.

Job Description:

You must create a website that will mainly make it easy to contact the company. The goal is to make it clear what the company does. Besides the landing page, the website will need a about page, shop page and a blog. The landing page should have a Contact Us section. There should be a call to action to get users to order a free sample. They would prefer a trendy design, and would like you to use the brand color, which is black. Take into account the client's preferences and values.

Posted on Dec 11, 2021

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