Osh Heritage Museum landing page

Last week I posted a landing page we made for an incredible museum in the Kyrgyz city of Osh. But because at Zajno we’re constantly looking to deepen the connection between our work and the phenomena it represents, I now want to share with you where we’ve taken this project next.   

The more we learned about the museum at Osh, the more we became aware of the many myths and legends that suround it  – and we wanted our design to be able to explore these. Luckily, the inspiration I’d already taken from classic newspaper layouts provided a sound underlying concept which I was then able to build up into the sort of visual feature you might find in one of the great pictorial magazines of the 20th century – or so I’d like to think! 

As far as the finishing touches go – during Soviet times the city of Osh had something of a minimalist vibe about it, and I’ve tried to incorporate that, though without being too dogmatic about it. 

I worked in Figma with the Filter plugin to process the photos. This can add grain for an ‘old film’ look, apply various other filters and deform the photo.

If you adore old museums and the history surrounding them as much as I do, please drop a like!

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