Timmy Turtlehead Tee Design

Timmy Turtlehead Tee Design

For the band, Jelly of the Month Club --- this is a shirt about a funny song these guys wrote to encourage kids to listen to their bodies when they have to "go".

A little info about Jelly of the Month Club:

Jelly of the Month Club started when Todd Forman (Sublime) and Bert Susanka (The Ziggens/Astronaut Love triangle) had the idea of putting together a super group combined with different members of bands they had both played with over the years. So they invited Bud Gaugh (Sublime) to play drums, and Mic Dangerously (Zen Robbi) to sing and play guitar and bass. Mr. Crumb joined on shortly after, and the writing commenced.

The main focus is on writing fun G rated music, the type of fun for the whole family! We have songs ranging from stories about making friends, to a song about waffles.


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