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👉 Project Overview

Have you ever wished that you could read an entire book in 15 minutes or less without missing all the crucial information? After all, there are dozens of worthy titles in the world. However, even if you dedicated every single minute of your life to reading, that wouldn’t be enough to dig into all the books. That’s when summaries come to help.

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👉 The challenge

In today’s world of infinite hurrying and busyness, we still have only 24 hours each day. Not that much to focus on self-development and growth, right? Read come up with neat and easy solution to this issue — the Read app!

👉 The solution

The ReadO team has already picked the world’s best non-fiction books that take only 15 minutes to read and listen. Yes, that’s correct! All titles have been remastered into summaries with key insights and tips.



Big thanks to Shuvo, Rabbe, Imran, Fahad and Nasir for researching, ideating, designing, and building MVP’s for Petazy mobile app experience. 



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