Podium - Autism Learning Web Application

Podium - Autism Learning Web Application

Hi there, 

I’m a versatile and detail-oriented UI/UX designer with an eye for style, colors, fonts, spacing, and the overall presentation.

If you team up with me, you’ll always get the best user-friendly design, custom icons and illustrations, and premium copyright-free images relevant to the context. 

With over 5 years experience as a professional designer, I’ve worked with clients from the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

My Present Upwork Profile Status

🥇 Top Rated

🥇 2,043+ Working Hours 

🥇 97% Success Rate

🥇 125+ Completed Projects

My Creative Services

• Website Design

• Dashboard Design

• Landing Page Design (Conversion Orientated)

• App Design (iOS + Android)

• Software Design

• Web Application Design

• Mobile Application Design

• SaaS Dashboard Design

• Wireframing


• Clickable Prototype

• UI Kit

• Tools/Material Design

• Visual Identity/Brands/Ads

I can give your brand story a visual transformation that’ll deeply touch your audience and have a long-lasting impact.

Also, if you think your story is too complex to be easily understood, I’ll make you stress-free with easy-to-follow visuals.

Just have an idea but not sure how to work it out? Don’t worry. Just share your killer idea with me and I’ll prepare  the wireframing and the overall functional structure with user persona for you!

I'm eager to jump on a call to discuss things further…

I’m always available on: 

Email: shahalam7303@gmail.com

Skype: shahalam7303@gmail.com


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