Main nav for

Rally's main navigation. 4 tabs (unless you are an extra special user 😎) covering

1) local events and suggestions (i.e. things to do),

2) local community - that is teams and people near you

3) Inbox - which will hold everything you've ever liked, joined, or shown interest in

4) and of course, the beloved profile - which not only has the usual name and bio, but also you can wear your identity flags with pride, and you pronouns if you want.

Again, notice the lack of accent colour here because I decided to use a strong holographic effect as "the accent colour" - which I'll elaborate on more in the next post.

Let me know what you think I got right, and also what I didn't! There's still time to fix this before Rally launches in January 2022.

Posted on Dec 3, 2021

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