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New Design Foundation quora typography

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This is the first site-wide redesign we've done at Quora, so we focused our attention on improvements that were best applied holistically, across the entire product at once. These include unified navigation across all of our platforms, more consistent interfaces for interacting with content, a new page layout system, and a focus on more readable typography.

A lot of this work tries to address some of the big visual challenges we face when designing Quora. The most exciting one is trying to strike the right balance between making Quora feel editorial and making Quora feel like a social product. Something that looks more editorial can benefit from feeling very light and content focused, whereas a social product has to be very actionable and contain meta information. We are always iterating on both of these dimensions and this new foundation allows us to do a better job at this.

Read more about it here: http://blog.quora.com/New-Design-on-the-Web-A-Foundation-for-the-Future

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