World AIDS Day Print Design

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AIDS issue is important not only on the 1st of December, during World AIDS Day, but all the time. 

HIV/AIDS epidemic is a vast sociocultural problem, not only a medical one. The main dangers are myths and prejudice. Daily, people living with HIV/AIDS face misunderstandings, discrimination, insults, or even threats.

Such intimate subjects need intimate solutions. We believe in the power of personal communication, so we designed a concept of t-shirts for caregivers and activists who might discuss this topic non-violently and share the importance of preventive examinations. 

Our graphic solution symbolizes the need for new connections, to the unity of efforts and intersections on a global scale. We also have a hypothesis that a small-size type could be a trigger to make the first step and start a conversation in public spaces. That's not a flashy poster or a loud cheer for actions, that's a peaceful message to get people closer to the subject. Let’s keep in touch.


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